Garden Arts and the Olive Branch in Winnebago Il.

Winnebago, Il.

Got a chance to add  a couple of short videos to the Winnebago Il Buy Bago Youtube Channel, and do some tweets and Facebook entries for the Olive Branch and Garden Arts this past Tues.  Shirley and Phil are naturals for the camera.  Shirley has been in business in Winnebago Il for 21 years and is deeply rooted in the community and Phil has just brought the Olive Branch to Winnebago, Il.  recently.  Opposite ends of the time line so to speak, and both very important to the local business scene.

I have noticed that they have begun to interact on Facebook, which I think is great for Winnebago and I hope many other Winnebago businesses follow suit.

You can click on the Facebook link in the navigation bar above to see the videos.  Please leave a comment  and/or  subscribe.  Come visit downtown Winnebago.

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