Fun With Small Business Social Media

Small Business Social Media

Julie and I are very serious about her therapy practice, and my online businesses. It is what pays the mortgage, and our children, as forgetful of their reponsibilities as they are, or passive aggressive, you know all those parenting terms we use to describe their obstinate behavior, are counting on us to make things work for them, like housing and food and safety and security.

By the same token, we do not forget to have fun, usually with quips and quotes and teases and flirts with each other which we create many times each day.

I think the tenor of your Social Media interactions should be the same. I like to quote Mark Twain in my Social Media interactions, and my favorite quote is, “Alright then, I will go to Hell.”

Makes me giggle, an I hope it is memorable for my readers. If I can find a way to say things about my skills or my business with a bit of whimsy or mischief that is how I am going to do it.

It has to be fun for me. I cannot stand doing things that involve drudgery, so let’s make our vocation and avocation the same, with a lot of playfulness thrown in. The best social media does that for your followers. That is what can make Social Media easy. You are saying to your readers that the role of humor is how you make the serious business of profit and loss happen.

So would you share with me the funniest Tweet or Status report you have ever seen? I will be sure to give credit due when I quote it, but actually it is a cold winter day here in Illinois, and I need a giggle or two before I go find out who is attending my anger management workshop.

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