Fix Your Mobile Site–or Face a Google Demotion

Fix Your Mobile Site–or Face a Google Demotion

Not sure what a mobile website is? Or why it should matter, because your daughter’s boyfriend built you a Blogger Blog years ago, and he did your Facebook page too, because he would work for free, and no business ever came to from them anyway, and then you pick up your hard copy of Inc. because you have not ever subscribed online, and you read the article I linked to above which includes the quote, “These days, mobile is where every company wants to be, with users accounting for one-fifth of all web traffic. In fact, a Google-Nielsen study found 73 percent of mobile searches “trigger follow-up actions, whether it be further research, a store visit, a phone call, a purchase or word-of-mouth sharing.”

And your jaw drops open a bit because you stop to think about how you search for restaurants when driving using your phone, or watch a Youtube video when waiting in line at the DMV, or check your e-mail when away from your computer using your phone, and it dawns on you that you had better have a mobile website, and fast, if others are using their mobile like you use yours.

But where to begin? Certainly not with a rookie. I would suggest Imobile Innovations
Imobile is a brand new company and you can leverage it to make money while you meet those pesky Google mobile rules and regulations.

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