Does It Make Sense To Build A Winnebago Il “Buy Local” Program on Facebook? On Youtube? On Twitter?

It does if your target market is female between the ages of 18-25, or female and between the ages of 25 and 34, ect.

So how do I know that?  Well, I have been putting together a Facebook page  (and Youtube and Twitter pages) for the Buy Bago program associated with the Winnebago Il. chamber of commerce for about one month, long enough for a preliminary picture to emerge of our users on Facebook,  using Facebook insights,  and the Insights tab on Youtube.  Our very preliminary picture, since we are still getting folks to buy in and educated a bit about how to use the Social Networking resources, will mature.

I talked about this at the Chamber of Commerce meeting yesterday, and I think what really got the interest of folks was how many times the Youtube videos of the 6th Annual Pumpkin and Scarecrow Festival had been viewed, in spite of only being up for about 40 hours.  And those are not commercial quality videos, they are just me with my camera working to get a video up so the folks in the community can recognize what they have and maybe give themselves a pat on the back for supporting their small community activities while their kids had fun.

It was pretty amazing to see the light bulbs going off about the potential for reaching a wider market using social media.    One of those little videos was viewed 44 times.  Apparently a child found himself in one of them, and replayed it a few times.    And mom and dad now are aware of Buy Bago.  A number of folks were not aware that there was a Facebook page or a Youtube account for local merchants.

So we are building awareness and generating an impact and attempting to evaluate the electronic version of  a Buy Local Program all at the same time.  Stay tuned for updates about what we are discovering.

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