Could a Twitter Party Start Up Your Social Media Marketing?

I went to my first twitter party today.  I put on a party hat,  got the confetti ready to throw, hung streamers, got my noise maker ready and sat down at my computer and logged in.  When I got to the party, I found about 90 other folks, none decked out as effectively as me, but all playing very hard at the Twitter Party hosted by Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams.

If you are like me, you have never heard of a Twitter party, and the concept of driving traffic to your squeeze page or blog or auto responder by getting people to tweet with a hashtag in front of some keyword sounds like it is incredibly off the wall.  How could that possibly work?  Well, it does work, and with retweets, those hashtags can keep ricocheting around the twitterverse for a long time, carrying links to your paypal button.

Our teachers are Tina Williams and Maria Gudelis of the Social Marketing Guild,  and they have brought this luddite much more into the 21st century.  I may soon learn how to use my cell phone,  and run my social media marketing from my phone.  I would love to do that, by the way, but will have to wait until the screen on my phone is much bigger or I break down and get new glasses.

So I did record a brief video about Twitter parties and loaded it to my youtube channel,  Social Media Start Up.  Please take a look.A Twitter Party Starts Up Your Social Media?

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