Celebrate a Little Rockford Social Media Good News!

Rockford Social Media

I almost always write a post first thing to two other web properties that I own,  Ask Mike the Counselor 2,  and Logan Counseling, then I post here, and go on to my other social media accounts.  I usually check to see how I am ranking for my keywords for Logan Counseling because I have a very specific objective with that blog.  I want to rank very highly for that keyword,  preferrably number 1, so that anyone in Rockford who searches for it will see the blog for my wife’s practice and call her to schedule.

And I frequently do rank number 1 for that keyword, but I got a real bonus today.   My twitter account had the number 2 spot.   I am very excited to see our business so visible.  And I did not know I could get found for keywords in my twitter account.  I definitely need to see how that happened so I can repeat it.   I would love to rank for other keywords on that Twitter account.

And I am really looking forward to the 3H Women’s Expo a week from Sunday.  It will be a jump off point for me in regards to my Start Up Social Media business.  I have some cool ideas for both my booth, and my business.  Getting ready for the Buy Bago trainings too.  Well, it should be a good fall also.

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