Can Starting Up Social Media Make Your Small Business Boom? Can You Increase Your Foot Traffic With Social Media Tools?

Starting Up Social Media for our Small Town Business

Just reading an interesting blog article about whether or not Vegas will boom again?

Hold on, Las Vegas,  one of the world’s playgrounds, not booming?

The folks the author speaks to in the article are generally on the opinion that Vegas can be a boom town again,   IF there is diversification.   Some of the author’s data says that Vegas population is dropping and it appears that companies there that are still in business are adopting to a long slow recovery.

Not sure about you, but I knew that my business,  Logan Counseling, was in trouble in June and July of 2007 when my court ordered clients began to struggle to pay.    Since the day to day operations of my business take a large amount of time, I did not have much time to learn about diversified income streams or diversified marketing,  so I sort of hoped with a head in the sands approach that someone would fix it and I would no longer be seeing my income drop.

As of yet, some three years later, no fix has come from outside.

However as the marketplace brought me more free time to to explore diversified income and marketing tools,  I began to discover the viability of Twitter and Facebook and Youtube to increase the exposure of my website, Ask Mike the Counselor2.  All of those tools, and many more, like Squidoo, and Hub Pages, and a lot of article marketing now bring traffic to both my online businesses and my bricks and mortar businesses on a daily basis.  Online traffic is akin to foot traffic to your bricks and mortar business.

As I began to realize the power of using Social Media tools to bring clients to both my online and offline businesses,  it dawned on me that I was diversifying my marketing.

I was chatting with lots of local folks about things that were important to them,  and every once in awhile, they would comment on an article from my website or my blog, so I know that my online friends realize that I am in the counseling business and the Social Media Marketing Business when I am not doing counseling.

So the realities of business post boom make us small operators look very closely at the tools we use to bring friends to our Facebook page and follows to our Twitter accounts, and then bring those follows and friends into our sales funnel.   I do not mind getting checks from affiliate marketing aggregators like Clickbank and Commission Junction, which is the result of those social media visitors to  my websites and blogs.

More importantly, for Julie and I, are the calls for counseling and coaching.  Those calls come from all over the country at this point, and e-mails with questions are frequent.

So learning about Social Media platforms can make your business grow, and the best part is it can be fun.  Engage in mischievious exchanges.  Send me a Mark Twain quote.

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