Welcome from Michael S. Logan, M.S., the Start Up Social Media guy.  Hope you enjoyed my mobile web page, which I can do for your business.  I have been learning about and building Social Media accounts for several years, and would love to talk to you about adding social media to your marketing mix.  My office number is 815-484-0946,  which is the number for Logan Counseling too.  Please do not be confused by the message, or e-mail me at  Please remember that Google has 2 search engines, one for your PC and one for your mobile…if your customers are searching for you on their phone and you do not have a mobile website, you will not be visible to them.

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  1. Tom Lasley says:

    I saw that you are offering a course at RVC on Social Media Marketing. I’m interested in taking this class but unfortunately I have a conflict with the schedule.

    Do you offer this class outside of RVC?


    Tom Lasley

    • admin says:

      Tom, I am so sorry to have missed your e-mail…I can do a consultation with you outside of RVC, but I do not teach a class other than that. Call me at 815-975-7256 for coffee and consultation. Mike

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