Start Up The Social Media Revolution!

Social Media Revolution

Click on the link above folks to get a sense of what is coming.  One of the statistics in the video by Eric Qualman is that Boston College no longer issues e-mail to incoming freshman!  That really makes the digital divide in my house stand out, as I seldom use my cell phone.  I accept calls from my wife, and make the occasional call to her, but have never used that tool to update my twitter accounts, and I need to learn.  I remember though, when I went back to graduate school,  in the long ago time of 1996, before there was a Google or a Twitter…(OK, I am sure there was no Twitter in 1996), I was very proud that I did not know how to use a computer,  and I figured that if leg work and the card catalogue had gotten me through undergrad school, then it would get me through grad school.   And then I wandered into my beloved Milner Library at ISU and looked for my block long card catalog with its hundreds of long shelves filled with neatly typed index cards, only to find…computers.  I was flabbergasted and embarassed, but I was determined to get that degree, so I over came my fear, and found some isolated stations where I could make all my stupid mistakes as I learned to use it, and before long I had a passing knowledge of how to use the tool to find research information.  And I could still disappear into the stacks for a look through the interesting titles at Milner Library.

Now I am a business man,  working as a domestic violence and anger management psychoeducator and close to retirement, and striking out on my own in the social media realm, and Qualman’s ideas blow me out of the water again.   Good news that he has written  a book, although I am thinking about reading it on Kindle.   I guess I could settle down in my easy chair with a Kindle, and a cup of cofffee couldn’t I?

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