Well, I Am Retired, Now What?

I know it has been awhile since I have updated this blog, and I probably will have to just start over with it so…here we go.

I have been through a recession, a divorce, a retirement brought on too fast by a recession, and all the financial issues that go with a divorce and custody issues, and all the  emotional issues that go with a divorce.

That was hard, and I think the emotional side of it is coming along quite well, and the financial side is showing very positive signs also.

I did not intend to give up my counseling practice entirely, which is what happened, nor did I expect to be away from my nascent Start Up Social Media business for two years either.

What did the Rolling Stone say about their 20th or 25th anniversary, “It Has Been a Long, Strange Journey?”  Well, I agree, life is a long strange journey, and now I am starting over as a retired Baby Boomer, who substitute teaches frequently, and works a part time job, while re-building my online business.

Substitute teaching can be a very fulfilling experience, once you determine what it is that you like to do.  I am not so good in a classrom setting, but I love the Special Ed settings, and have ended up in a lot of autism classrooms, where I am slowly learning about reaching kids with autism.  And para-professional subbing, while financially difficult, offers the opportunity to connect with a kid who is usually just a kid working to get along in the world, bright, shiny, curious, loving, playful, all the things that kids are, but with a disability

In a large school district like mine, it would seem that subbing jobs would be very plentiful every day, and two years ago, that was the case, but the district raised the pay for subs in an attempt to reduce the number of teacher-less classes, and was their strategy ever successful.  Every Baby Boomer in two counties started taking jobs, which is great for the district, but not so good for those of us looking for regular income doing something we like.

So a year or so ago, I saw two old friends from my SiteSell teaching days, successful entrepreneurs themselves, who were becoming active with a company called DSDomination.  At first, I dismissed DSD for myself, but they kept posting about making sales on eBay and building income drop shipping.  I took a look at DSDomination, and saw that one could get started for $20.00 per month, so I took a chance, and posted a few ads of Amazon products on eBay, and withing a few days had a sale!

I was very surprised at that success, and began to take a more serious look at the training that DSD offers, and to implement it on my eBay account, and then it was Christmas! Talk about sales!

But then the winter came, and Christmas sales waned, but my sales on eBay continued at a slower pace, a pace sufficient for my to stay affiliated with the company and try out a different DSD product or two, like the Monopoly training, which is about selling on Amazon, which has traffic bigger than its next six competitors. One of those competitors  is eBay.  Soon I will be sourcing my own products, perhaps from China, and selling them on Amazon…wow, the ol’ counselor becomes drop shipping power house, and is home all day to bother his kids.

So perhaps you can sense the energy in this for me, given the personal and professional transformation that I have been through since 2008.

And now DSDomination is developing a binary options trading platform, called Options Domination, and I am a member of that as well.  I know nothing about binary options trading, but I am seeing lots of DSDomination folks following the training and using the Options Dominations signals to make trades on the Nadex platform I believe.

What I do know how to do is build an affiliate team, which is why I am going to post a link to my affiliate sign-up page, as a first step in rebuilding my Start Up Social Media blog.  I have been using my Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest accounts as well, so my social media work gets rejuvenated as well.

I hope you will follow along with me and perhaps even join in, especially if you are a Boomer seeking some really easy to develop revenue streams…actually anyone seeking additional revenue streams is welcome to come along on this ride.

See you soon.

Start Up Social Media Animated Video

Start Up Social Media

Hope you enjoy the link above, to an animated whiteboard presentation that I did yesterday for…Start Up Social Media, of course. I am hoping that all of you give me a call to get one of your own. They are fun to build, and what is most important, your customers love them. I think a light hearted, playful tune is the order of the day in your animated video, which of course, does not forgo your call to action.

The good news is that I will get more and more effective at creating the animations, and as I get more sophisticated with the tool, so will the animations, so click on the link, enjoy, and leave me a comment as well. Mike

So You Ran a Groupon, But did Not Think to Capture Your Clients Email or Mobile Contact Information

To see my online business card, please text Startupbizcard to 58203.

That is sad, because if you had captured email or mobile contact information, you could run your own promotion similar to what you did with Groupon, but not have to split the revenue or profits with anyone.

I have a friend who ran a Groupon promotion for her cleaning business a while back, and at the time, I asked her if she would do it again. She said no, citing the logistical problems of getting crews to diverse locations in a timely manner. I do not think she was prepared for the volume she saw.

But just think of a restaurant business who runs a groupon and collects the email or mobile information of those customers who come to the bricks and mortar store to redeem their Groupon.

One month later, or one later, if a bit greedy, that restaurant owner could text a special deal or coupon to the folks who had volunteered their information, and since 98% of text messages are opened within minutes, that offer is in the hands of proven customers, with no sharing of profits.

Savvy business owners who are clear on the direction that online marketing is going, which is pure mobile, are already incentivizing customers to volunteer their mobile data, and building their mobile lists without a groupon.

A coupon or a point of sale discount is a great way to get someone to cough up that data, and actually, you do not need to collect the phone number from your customer, just ask them to text a keyword like mine, Startupbizcard to a shortcode, like 58203, which is mine.

When my customer types in the above keyword and short code combination on their mobile device, my text message company, which has stored my responses, will send my new list member a sequence of messages introducing me (remember, they are asking for my online business card) which they will receive on their mobile device.

Why is this important? I just read an interesting statistic somewhere, that mobile marketing had increased 800% in the last year, but market penetration was still only 15%.

That statistic clearly indicates where the market is headed in terms of online access. In fact, I am reading that P.C.’s and laptops will be obsolete in less than ten years. Damn, that is scary to this troglodyte who loves his P.C.

Will have to look at a netbook soon, because while I love the convenience of my cell phone, most messages on it are too small to be easily read to my old eyes, and I am not interested in carrying a huge cell phone.

But my old eyes issue should not impact your movement. You must act now. If you do, you still have time to take advantage of the early adopter status.

Another interesting statistic; While 70% of social media messages go unseen, 98% of text messages are seen within minutes.